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Buying and Selling Domains

Lately I have been spending some time (and money) purchasing premium domain names for resale. I am also going into the domain broker business. The domain broker business is tricky, and I only plan to do it if I can get a good return on my investment, which will hopefully be substantial. This means I am going to pay the right price for domains regardless of their age. As a broker, my premiums will go up with the perceived value of the domain name. My goal is to be able to buy .coms for $500 1/2 way through their renewal cycle. I want to be able to sell them for $1,500. I will be successful selling the domains because I am paying more for them.

So why would a customer want to use a domain broker in the first place? They can go to NameCheap of GoDaddy and do their own search, but finding great, premium domains on these sites can be difficult for the average person. If you find an amazing domain name that is expiring, but you don't have time to register it, a domain broker can help. If you have an amazing domain name that you want to sell, but don't have time, a domain broker can help you with that as well. it doesn't matter if you are buying or selling.
Going to domain registrars is a very painful experience and most people won't want to go through that. I have started working with a broker to help sell the domains I have gotten in the past year. I went to the big brokers and had them give me an offer for each domain I wanted to sell. I did this for about 10 domains, and their offers were in the $2,000-$3,000 range. I didn't think that was acceptable. I had no idea what these domain names were worth at the time.

A broker’s job is to know the market and find these domains for their clients. A broker can help a customer acquire a domain that is currently expired, or maybe one that has already expired and is not on the market yet. Either way, a customer can benefit from a broker’s expertise. There are plenty of expired .coms out there, but many brokers can also find premium foreign TLDs that are not expired, but have not yet been registered.
I just started doing this, but so far I have had great success. I have been finding some very nice domains, mainly .coms and a few .net’s. I see the potential of this business is huge. I know exactly what I am doing and what I am looking for. I am having a good time doing it. I see a lot of potential in this business.

At the time of this writing I am still building my website, and I would like to invite you to check it out at Of course, I would love to help you find your perfect Domain.