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Every Oil and Gas Geologist needs a Geospect on their Well

When I go out to do a mud logging job, I feel confident knowing that I can rely on my Geospect mud logging instrument. Geospect is really the best at what they do. Anytime someone wants to know what is going on at the well site, I can just look at the main screen of my Geospect and I can see everything in one place. I can see the depth of the well, I can tell what the gas is, I can tell what kind of gas is coming out of the well, I can see the on/off bottom status, and the lag depth. I can tell all of this with one instrument and in a small package. No other mud logging tool can do that. The Geospect is the best tool ever. This tool is super easy to use and it is accurate. I like it because I can take pictures on the screen. If I see something in the well, I can take a picture and show it to my boss so that he can see it too. I like how I can log from a trailer or from my truck. The last thing that I like about the Geospect is the quality of the instrument. This tool is really super solid, heavy-duty, and built to last. I really like the interface of the Geospect. The instrument is easy to use and it doesn't take a lot of training. The real-time images are excellent in Geospect and the tool is so light and ergonomic. Overall, I really would recommend Geospect. I recommend the instrument because it is easy to use, reliable, accurate, and a really convenient tool in the field.
~ Ben G., Gulfport, MS

I work for an independent geologist and I record and log the gas from all my wells. When this was all done by hand, I was spending about 12 hours a day in the office doing all of the logs.  When I was done, I took all of my logs back to my office and I had to manually put the data into my computer. I was spending far too much time doing all of this by hand. I found a Geospect instrument on the internet and I decided to purchase it. I love my Geospect! I have been using the Geospect for almost a year and I am very impressed with its functionality. It is a great tool and the Geospect can do what it says it can do. Geospect stands behind their product and they will always make it right.”
~ Tim, MudLogger

“I have been using the Geospect for about two years now. I am a geologist and I like to mud log my own wells. I have been using the Geospect to do all of my mud logging and it has been working out well for me. With the Geospect, I am able to tell what is going on in my well, I am able to tell how much gas is in the well, and I can tell how much oil is in the well. I feel confident that I am doing my job well because I can just look at the Geospect and I can see exactly what is happening in my wells.”
~ Jason W., Texas