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ExpertCoders is a small software development company that is located in Jacksonville, Texas. Because Jacksonville is pretty far off of the beaten path and about half-way between Dallas and Houston, Expert Coders work is primarily done remotely. Don't let that scare you. In the year 2022 there are numerous tools available to them to communicate with their customers. There are screen sharing, conferencing tools, etc.

What type of programming do they do?
They work primarily with desktop apps and web apps. They are full-stack developers which means that they work both on server-side as well as client-side; often known as back-end and front-end. They also do general scripting.

What languages do they use?
The work with Python, C#, Javascript, MySQL, PostgresQL, HTML, and CSS. There are many frameworks for all of these languages and ExpertCoders is familiar with many of them as well. Some of the most important frameworks include Flask, Django, PyQt5, Pyside2, and They also work in Linux and can do your Bash scripting and setup Cron jobs for you.

How do they charge?
They will generally give you a free initial consultation and their rates are better than most. Did I say they are located in Jacksonville, Texas? That means that they have a low overhead and can pass the savings onto you.

Great I'm interested. How do I get in touch with them?
You can call, text, email, or leave a message on their contact page. Their website is, email is: phone is: 903-339-5048.